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What defines a custom home? Is it price, size, location or maybe even the materials? We believe that ‘custom’ starts with you. It starts with your preliminary ideas and visions of a home that functions in accordance to your lifestyle - finished to reflect your taste and personality, unlike any other. If you value the individuality and personalized qualities of a home more than the physical size, then building a custom home may be the right experience for you!





Creating something beautiful involves not only the skillset to do so but also the capacity to pay careful attention to detail. Moreover, the art of crafting requires conscious efficiency in order to consistently strive for quality and excellence within one’s creation. The pride for our work is translated best throughout the creative design process, as well as, the finished product. At Tarragon Homes, craftsmen function as members of our team. We believe that a true custom home cannot simply be built, rather it must be exquisitely crafted.




Classic is commonly defined as: “of enduring interest or quality; also of the first or highest quality".  Even though it is sometimes considered a realm of design, Tarragon Homes  believes that classical influences can, in turn, function as the reference point for all great design. Classic is a-fundamental component involved in the construction of any dwelling; traditional to contemporary using time-honored customs, while taking advantage of the latest materials or finding new uses for old ones.




Tarragon Homes believes style to be a particularly distinctive characteristic, mode, or form of construction of an art form.


A custom home is just that! It is the creation of art, subjective to you as the owner and your individual imagination. You are considering a custom home because you have not found a suitable house to connect with. Consequently, you are looking for more than the substance of shelter… you are seeking the comfort of Home.


Tarragon Homes welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to help you achieve your vision.



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